Perfection at its best

Steaks are gaining slow and steady momentum in Karachi, Pakistan. Ambala Corniche opened its new outlet at the Corniche of Karachi, They plan to upgrade the menu and add different variety of steaks into it but find it difficult to sell. Our team went their and observed that all he is selling is different variety sizzlers steak, the sizzlers plate were getting rusty, producing too much smoke while steaks were served on sizzlers, also steaks were getting burn on sizzlers.

All these problems were annoying the customers. Unilever Food Solutions Representatives showed them how to prevent from the above problems. We ask them to put on oil after washing of sizzlers plates while day ends this will prevent them from getting rusty. Secondly our team showed them to put either thick sliced onions or shredded cabbage on to the hot sizzler plate while serving steaks; this will prevent the steak from getting burnt .Thirdly our team advised them to spray very small amount of water on hot sizzler plate. This will prevent too much smoke while serving without compromising on the effects, and last but not least Unilever Food Solutions Representatives introduced non sizzler steak into the menu to create diversity and quality. This has resulted in increased foot traffic as well as increased turnover.

Another Win for the Team!

One of the biggest success stories of Rawalpindi city. Paradise is the biggest banquet hall in Twin cities (Islamabad – Rawalpindi). During the visit of FOTS distributor and TM met owner and chef and gave them a demo of lime powder and shared their learnings and experiences. Chef and owner got motivated and gave order of Chicken powder, custard, jelly and lime powder. Our team gave them gifts and took some pictures of happy moments. Paradise banquet hall is a vital account in catering channel. This all happens due to SAPLOW techniques used by Unilever Food Solutions Team for lime seasoning and chicken powder.

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