Diners want buffet appetisers that are tasty and satisfying without being too heavy or filling. But creating these dishes isn’t easy, so Chef Manan from Butler’s Chocolate Café is sharing his top starters and tips on how to make them.

It isn’t Iftar without pakoras. These fantastic fritters are loved by diners, giving them the comfort food they crave when fasting. As snack-sized bites, diners only need to eat 2 or 3 to be satisfied.

Twist on tradition: Use Knorr Batter Mix with a Cajun seasoning to create a batter which, when fried, will give your pakoras a fantastic flavour kick. A sure-fire hit with hungry diners!

This is a great dish for adding variety to your Iftar menu as you can experiment with different fillings. Quiches are also ideal for using up leftover ingredients and reducing your waste.

Taste tip: This Chicken Tikka Masala Quiche, is a real standout. Tender, smoky and tantalisingly tasty chicken is at the heart of this easy to produce dish.

With zesty fruit and spicy chaat masala, this dish is the perfect blend of sweet and savoury. The fruit salad’s texture and taste cuts through the starchiness of other appetisers, making it an ideal palate refresher before mains.

Taste tip: Select seasonal fruits that are at their peak and bursting with flavour and juiciness.