Traditional dishes are at the centre of most Iftar buffets. But when diners eat out they love to experience new things, and Ramadan is no exception. Now we’re not suggesting you cast aside your most popular dishes or blow the budget on pricey ingredients to set your menu apart, instead think of some creative and tasty twists on tradition. Chef Manan, from Butler’s Chocolate Cafe… has some trending ideas to help get you started… 

Out: Huge volumes of help-yourself starters means diners often spend the first part of Iftar standing in a queue!

In: Starter platters that allows diners to embrace the spirit of sharing in Ramadan. Plate up an assortment of starters that caters to 3 or 4 guests and place on the table to share. 

Out: Heavy, oily or starch-laden dishes that leave diners feeling uncomfortable or bloated.

In: Giving traditional favorites a healthy makeover, but ensuring they are no less hearty or wholesome.  

Out: Playing it safe with the same overused recipes or lineup of desserts.

In: Injecting a twist into traditional ingredients and desserts. or update an Italian classic with popular .

Out: Traditional sweet and syrupy drinks are no longer top of the drinks list as diners seek lighter beverages with less of a sugary after-taste.

In: Refreshing drinks like Mint Lemonade made with Knorr Lime Seasoning.  Add a generous helping of other fruits to give a twist to your usual lemonades.