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Serving Iftar to the community during Ramadan can be a very rewarding experience. Your hard work and sacrifice, in the spirit of giving back, helps families enjoy time together during this important occasion. Sometimes though, the challenges faced by kitchen staff due to reduced shifts, being unable to taste dishes and increased workload can be overwhelming.


The physical challenges presented throughout Ramadan, due to fasting during the day, are greatly amplified working in kitchens preparing Iftar.

The added pressure due to reduced hours of preparation, increased output and high diner expectations can often result in Chefs and kitchen staff feeling too busy to look after themselves, with very negative outcomes. Missing Iftar with their own family also adds to the negative impacts. Even non-fasting staff feel the pressure of supporting their colleagues who are fasting.

A large percentage of kitchen staff have stated they feel underappreciated for the hard work they do, especially during Ramadan, when the pressure is at it’s highest.

The first step is to recognize the impact on health, physically, mentally and emotionally. Taking steps to minimise these impacts can be as simple as:

  • Choosing an easy to prepare menu to help with diminished concentration. Adding easy to prepare and plate dishes such as our Jamaican Style Roasted Chicken and Mocha Java Custard helps.
  • Making sure staff are taking frequent breaks with access to fresh air
  • Allowing time to call home
  • Arranging Iftar for the whole team to enjoy together
  • All team members remembering to show appreciation for each other’s hard work and support.

It’s easy to forget, but the whole team is in it together making every Iftar service a success. So with a little thought and planning, all staff can feel appreciated, well supported and be proud of their efforts, crafting an Unforgettable Ramadan for everyone.