Loyalty points

With the current digital boom having a strong impact on the food service delivery sector, if your restaurant is not offering delivery, you’re missing out on a whole demographic of customers. In Ramadan especially, diners prefer staying in rather than going out, and a reliable restaurant that delivers will make a lasting impression. So how do you crack the code to delivery perfection?

During Ramadan, options that allow tech-savvy consumers to order in are always welcome. Third-party delivery services are always eager to offer more options to their customers, and opting for an external delivery service rather than creating your own will cut operational costs, while promoting sales.

Introduce an exciting, new item on your menu during Ramadan but make it available only for delivery. We specially recommend our Kashmiri Fried Chicken Strips with Tally Sauce. Fried, crunchy and filling, they have great appeal as an iftar item.

Add an appetizer, main, dessert and drink on your delivery deal. Desserts are always welcome and our Mocha Java Custard, is both cost-effective to prepare and a crowd pleaser. Adding this to your Ramadan delivery deal menu won’t raise costs significantly, but the inclusion of dessert will justify a slightly higher deal price.

When customers have food delivered to their homes, they also want to let you know what they thought – and they will, on various digital platforms. Respond to comments, apologize for oversights, and consider all feedback as a chance to improve services and increase business.