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With diners focusing on healthier meal choices; we understand how hard it is to substitute some of your ingredients with healthier ones, especially if you must change your whole menu for it. Therefore, we’ve put together some healthy swaps for you to be able to transform your original recipe into a healthier one.

The way you prepare food can drastically change its effects on health, so start baking, roasting and grilling instead of frying. Start using healthy oils, instead of highly processed ones try extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil.

Tweak your dishes a bit by changing the sides. You can serve freekeh or white quinoa instead of rice, and you can serve baked potatoes in place of French fries. Also, having salads, sautéed vegetables, mashed potatoes and boiled sweetcorn in your sides options gives your diners a variety of healthy options to choose from

Make your diners end their meal with a healthy dessert. Stuffed baked apples is a great alternative to apple pies, and of course fruit salad and frozen yogurt are one of the yummiest healthy desserts you can offer.

With healthy recipes being the recent top trend for diners, following this trend will help make your restaurant stand out in 2019.