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Ramadan is all about sharing, and nothing else represents its spirit better than the Iftar buffet. But bottlenecks in the buffet queue can make for a disappointing diner experience. Here are some tips for keeping diners – and your dishes – moving in the right way.

Map out the diner journey ahead of actual layout to see how clear and free flowing it is.

A separate area/table for drinks keeps the food queue free of unwelcome interruptions.

Place these at the beginning of the serving area(s) so diners have plates at the ready before they reach the food.

If you have space in your restaurant, set up two sections to serve appetizers and main courses. Put some space between the most popular dishes to keep diners from building up by the....

Individual dessert servings are ideal for Iftar. Easy for diners to pick up and cost-effective to produce. Our Mocha Java Custard is great for serving this way.

Choose grab and go bread options rather than those that require cutting.

Place cutlery at the end of the natural traffic flow – i.e. after the main dishes or desserts

Ensure all dishes have the correct serving utensils – ladle, tongs, spoons – alongside them.