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Tea or chai is everyone’s go-to drink, and we’re pretty sure it features highly on your beverage menu. This brilliant beverage doesn’t lose any of its appeal during Ramadan, but why not give diners an extra treat by adding some trending twists to your tea serving?

Spice it up: Middle Eastern flavours are taking centre stage this year. Infuse some of these flavours into your teas using much-loved spices like cinnamon and cumin. 

Traditional favourites: Ramadan wouldn’t be Ramadan without a traditional tea serving. While preferences may vary from region to region, Masala Chai, Doodh Patti, Kashmiri Chai and Kahwa should definitely be among your considerations.

Go green: Green tea is becoming increasingly popular. Serve it at the end of Iftar to help freshen palates and wash away fried food aftertastes.

Try turmeric: This spice was last year’s go-to spice and it has lost none of its popularity in 2018. Loved as much for its health benefits as its distinctive taste, serve your turmeric tea with a hint of ginger or cinnamon for a memorably spicy mix. 

Must be milk: At Sehri, serve the always-loved milk tea. This smooth creamy mix of milk, black tea, sugar and, in some recipes, water, provides diners with the satisfaction and dose of energy they are looking for ahead of another day of fasting.