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The goal of a successful Iftar buffet is for your diners to leave feeling happy and satisfied. This can be a challenge due to heavy foods and over-eating after a full days fasting.

After a hearty Iftar meal, diners crave thirst-quenching beverages to finish off their meal and boost their hydration levels. While juices or traditional beverages may be your regular offering, they are often too filling for diners after a big Iftar. Diners will appreciate the light, refreshing option of a rejuvenating cup of tea.

Choosing healthier alternatives, diners are increasingly avoiding sugary, sweet drinks during Ramadan. Few drinks are healthier and more delicious than tea, as it is rich in phytonutrients and flavonoids, which can lower cholesterol absorption and aid digestion and metabolism. Various teas can also aid iron absorption and reduce the risk of heart disease.

The importance of staying hydrated during Ramadan is well known. As tea is 99% water, it is just as hydrating as water, and less boring! By encouraging your diners to switch to tea, they get to enjoy a beverage that is delicious and helps restore hydration after a day of fasting.

Freshly brewed iced tea is a great refreshing option for your Iftar buffet, as it contains more healthy nutrients and less sugar than soft drink. There are many amazing beverages you can create with iced tea that help beat the summer heat and keep your diners coming back for more! Check out our delicious iced tea inspiration for some refreshing twists on old favourites.

Since tea can yield higher profits than other beverages, it’s important to make your diners aware of your offering and the benefits. Here’s some ideas:

  • Ensure you include several flavours of tea on the menu to get diners attention
  • Include a description of each tea and digestive benefits, to excite diners and inform their decision
  • Encourage your staff to recommend various teas after the meal

So, why not take the initiative to give your diners healthy, refreshing beverage options for an Unforgettable Ramadan.