Loyalty points

Did you know in 2016 Moneyweb reported that, one pizza chain's stock price outperformed Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon!

That is how much people love Pizza! Pizza is a dream dish as it is very versatile, cheap to make and super delicious. The variations are as endless as your imagination and customers can’t stop posting about it on social media! But with everyone now adding pizza to the menu, how do you stand out? Introducing photo worthy food trends is the way to go to beat your competition.

Try these 3 creative ways to put a twist on pizzas.



pizza calzone



Presented differently to normal pizzas, the stuffed pizza, also known as Calzone looks a little like half moon samosa. A very large one, overflowing with cheese and sauce. Stuff it with cheese and Italian sauce or take the cheesiness to next level with creamy cheese mayonnaise. Everything works! Plus it's a great way to use left-over veggies that would otherwise go to waste!



pizza toast

Pizza and crispy toasted bread? Yes please! A quick and easy, no-mess, no-fuss option great for kiddie meal and deliveries. Serve as an appetizer or a main item for diners wanting something quick, tasty and filling.



pizza cone

Like it’s name suggests, a pizza cone is a cone of pizza. This snack is made from hand-kneaded dough formed into the shape of a cone, filled with mouth-watering ingredients and oven baked until crispy. With lots of cheese... It’s fast, easy and great for selfies!