Loyalty points

We understand that the past few weeks have been an unsettling time for you and your business. With food delivery being the only viable option to serve guests, it can get tough to sustain business operations amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an effort to support the entire foodservice industry, we have launched a nationwide campaign called #DeliveryONHai to help raise awareness on the current situation and encourage active support from our local community.

This initiative urges diners to order in food from their favorite restaurant every weekend and share a picture or video of their meal on social media with the tag #DeliveryONHai. The idea is to get as many people coming together every week to support and celebrate their local restaurants and an industry that employs thousands of people.

The first official ‘Order In’ day will be on Saturday 9th May. Here is how you can prepare for it:

  • Hype it up:

Spread the message and post to social media encouraging your customers, friends, and family  to participate in #DeliveryONHai ahead of weekend.
You can download the ready-to-use campaign digital assets from this link or even adapt some for your own brand

  • On Every Saturday:

Re-share all customer content (Instagram/Facebook posts and stories) that has your restaurant tagged as a show of appreciation

  • Repeat:

This is only the beginning 😊

Let’s all come together and make Weekends a national ‘order in’ day!

It is a challenging and unprecedented time for all of us, but we are confident that our community and togetherness will be the enduring message of this crisis. We are all in this together!