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The way food is handled says a lot about a business that deals in food. There are many practices that are prevalent in the industry which are easily overlooked but can have drastic effects on your overall business.

Here are some precautionary measures you should focus at first:

Kitchen and equipment cleanliness:

Reasons that might affect Kitchen cleanliness are:

  • If the Kitchen has molds growing in or has insects that consider it their home, then the food served is not safe either.
  • Not taking out the trash on time and keeping the kitchen dirty will be a big question mark on the safety practices of the business.
  • Also, kitchenware that is used while cooking the food and the cutlery in which the food is served needs to be properly sanitized to make sure that its germs free.
Kitchen and equipment cleanliness

Personal Hygiene:

Restaurant staff should never forget these guidelines:

  • Make sure that your heads are covered.
  • Wash the hands before dealing with food.
  • Ensure that you are free from all infection.
  • Be extra careful while sneezing or coughing.
  • Keep the nails short and clean.
Personal hygiene

Food storage and handling:

Storing food is extremely important because if not done correctly it can lead to several issues including some serious foodborne diseases. Some of the important things that should be considered while storing the food are:

  • Practice First in First out for inventory.
  • Keep continuous checks on the expiry dates.
  • Store food at the optimum temperature.
  • Cook food thoroughly to kill all the microorganisms.
  • Use covered storage boxes for storing food to avoid contamination.
Food storage and handling