Fish and Chips with Tartar Sauce


Ingredients (1 batches)

Amount Measure Name
150.00gmKnorr Batter Mix (6x1kg) 
70.00gmPlain flour
  French Fries Dust with Knorr Batter Mix
1.00cupBEST FOODS Real Mayonnaise old
0.13cupCarrots, chopped
1.00tspKnorr Lime Seasoning (24x400g) 
  Rafhan Corn Oil (1x16L) 
4.00tbspRafhan Corn Flour (6x1.2kg) 


1. Dust fish with the mixture of knorr batter mix and fine flour
2. Heat Rafhan corn oil on required heat and fry till golden
3. Dish out
4. Dust fries with knorr batter mix and Rafhan corn flour
5. Fry on required heat till done

Tartar Sauce:-
Chopped all the ingredients, mix it in Rafhan best food mayonnaise, season with knorr lime seasoning
Plate the platter and serve with tartar sauce

recipe number: 1-EN-159404 recipe code: R0043266
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