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Dine-in is back! 

With declining cases of Covid-19, restaurants across Pakistan have been allowed to open their doors to eager diners. However, the danger is not over yet. Although food enthusiasts flock to our doors, it’s our responsibility to ensure a safe and hygienic environment is provided for both, guests and employees. 

Keeping in mind the best practices, simple SOPs have been announced. We have summarized some of these protocols and tips for you.

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Ensuring Health Status and Awareness

  • Check temperature via thermal scanners at entry points for staff and guests 
  • Ensure staff is tested for Covid-19 and not displaying symptoms before operations commence
  • Display standees with information about precautions against Covid-19 at prominent places
Hand wash

Maintaining Hygiene 

  • Ensure all employees wash hands for at least 40 seconds 
  • Advise employees to avoid touching unnecessary surfaces and wash hand before and after serving meals 
  • Ensure sanitizers are readily available for guests and staff 
  • All staff must wear masks at all times
  • Maintain sufficient stock of masks at restaurants and provide them to guests and staff if needed

Managing Social Distancing 

  • Maintain distance of six feet in waiting and dining areas 
  • Use floor markings to ensure social distancing 
  • Dining hall capacity should be limited to fifty percent in Punjab and one-third in Sindh 
  • Display normal and reduced capacity at entrance (Sindh mandatory) 
  • Ensure dining tables are placed six feet apart 
  • Ensure customers sit on alternate seats. Adjacent/vacant seats must be marked with red cross or ”no seating” cards
  • Table serving should be preferred over buffet 
  • Children’s play area will remain closed 

Keeping Cleanliness and Disinfection a Priority 

  • Ensure all surfaces in public use are disinfected regularly
  • Floor should be maintained without carpeting or floor covers 
  • Ensure tables and chairs are wiped with a disinfectant after every use
  • Follow standard cleaning procedure by disinfecting the surface and wiping it with 1% freshly prepared sodium hypochlorite solution. Domex Multi-Purpose Surface Cleaner is recommended for hard surfaces with its WHO recommended concentration of sodium hypochlorite solution. 
  • Cleaning staff must wear gloves and mask
  • Use digital screens or fixed display menus at high visibility spots instead of menu cards 
  • Wet sponge must be used to turn currency leaves while counting instead of mouth saliva
  • Use paper towels or tissues instead of napkins and towels