We're a business built by Chefs, so we know what you face every day in the kitchen. Everything we do is focused on making your life a little easier.

Drawing from their extensive experience in professional food services, our team of over 250 professional Chefs create solutions that balance great taste, convenience and nutrition with a consistently high standard.


We're Chefs for Chefs

Only a Chef knows what it takes to run a successful kitchen. That's why our business is full of Chefs.

Our global network of 250 Chefs help source the best ingredients, develop quality products, create inspiring on-trend recipes, and provide training and support. Thus ensuring that our sales team is equipped with all the knowledge they need in order to better serve you.

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Chef Mukrram Ali

Executive Chef


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Dining trends and customer expectations are always changing, and it can be an on-going struggle to keep up.

We make it easy to stay inspired and confident with the latest trends, recipes ideas and technique innovations.

Check out local trend setters and get insights from chefs around the world to keep you ahead of the pack.

World Cuisine

Discover saucy secrets and clever cooking for inspirational flavours from all over the globe.

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Master of Seasoning

Take your traditional favourites to the next level, by mastering the power of seasoning.

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We're For Quality

Our professional foodservice products are developed with the close involvement of our Chefs. So, it’s no surprise that our leading foodservice brands deliver quality without compromise in the kitchen.

With our innovative, professional ingredients you can save precious prep time whilst serving delicious food that makes a profit.

Our Brands

Our portfolio of well-loved brands are created with one purpose: making your life easier, every day.

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We can help provide an overview of your market and bring insights that will help you to better understand your diners and what they are looking for in a dining experience.

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Inspiring Recipes

Our ever-growing database of recipes help you stay inspired and create amazing dishes your diners will love.

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As a Chef, you know that you never stop learning.

If you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro, you can take your skills in the kitchen to the next level.

Our team of industry professionals are waiting to show you hints, tips and tricks you can use right now.

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As a Chef, you can make a difference by the way you do things in the kitchen.

We understand the benefits a well organized, safe kitchen can have to your business, your customers and to your community.

Our tools and resources are designed to help you make those little changes that can make a big difference.

Waste Management 

Cut back on waste in the kitchen, saving costs and increasing profits with these tools and helpful guidelines.

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Food Safety

All the resources, information and training you need to ensure your kitchen is safe for you and your customers.

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