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Food safety is the foundation and core of any food business. According to a research conducted by World Health Organization, 600 million people get sick each year because of contaminated food. 

The number of deaths due to food borne diseases are highest in South Asia, Pakistan is no exception. According to a research conducted by Pakistan & Gulf Economist in 2015, 70% adulterated food was being sold to consumers. Therefore, Food hygiene is important and can be affected by many factors and it’s important that restaurant owners are aware of them. 

Therefore, to make sure that customers are getting nourishment and joy from the food served rather than food borne diseases, it’s important that high standards of food safety are observed in all restaurants. That’s where Unilever Food Solutions is always available to help restaurants.

Unilever Food Solutions has a mission of improving lives around the globe and therefore we have our Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, up and running which aims to improve the health and hygiene of one billion people by 2020. To achieve this goal, we are taking several initiatives one of which is Unilever Food Solutions Food Safety agenda. 

Unilever food solution is raising the bar of food safety by training and educating food handlers. Thus, reducing the factors that can make a food business unsafe. UFS wants to make food businesses safe, so that owners can enjoy more profits and customers can be saved from unhygienic food.