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As chefs, we have a direct impact on the global food system, whether through choosing better, fresher ingredients or ensuring that we source these ingredients sustainably. Diners are becoming more curious about where their food comes from and are slowly starting to make their culinary choices based on the impact the food will have on both their diet and the planet.

Cooking with the Future 50 Foods is a fantastic way to offer nutrient-rich, environmentally friendly meals. Our selection of tempting recipes below can help start your journey towards a sustainable kitchen.

Aromatic Lamb Chop and Cowpeas Pulao with Mint Raita

Did you know that adding beans to rice packs an extra protein punch? Sweet, earthy cowpeas work brilliantly in this fragrant spiced pulao, topped with yoghurt-marinated lamb chops.

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Mediterranean Lentil Salad with Mint Raita

Greek salad gets super-charged. Sweet roasted vegetables, nutty red lentils and mild, peppery green lentils contrast beautifully with salty feta, olives, fresh tomatoes and a tangy dressing.

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Mutton and Spinach Curry with Naan


If you love decadent flavours and meltingly soft meat, this is the curry for you. Simple to make yet complex and aromatic, it’s cut through by the unmistakeable taste of fenugreek, blended to a rich paste with spinach and green chilli

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Nutty Crunch Salad with French Dressing

An exciting blend of flavours and textures: fresh and bitter, sweet and savoury, crisp and crunchy! Raise your salad game with these moreish ‘granola-croutons’ and a sesame-spiked dressing.

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Seasame Ginger Chicken with Cashew and Spring Onion

Warning: this dish is addictive. Crisp fried chicken, crunchy sugar snaps and spiced roast cashews get a sweet and spicy turn in the wok with honey, chilli, ginger and sesame

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