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We’re all likely to experience stress at work, here’s how to tackle it and create a healthy, happy workplace. 

Work hard but take a short break every hour or so for tea or a chat with a colleague. Productivity ↑ stress  ↓

Around 50% of professionals say work friends are essential to their overall happiness. But it’s not just happiness levels that benefit from workplace friendships. Being able to share work concerns or problems with a friend-cum-colleague can help to you to resolve them more quickly and prevent them from stressing you out.

Or a 30 min stroll will send stress levels ↓ & happiness ↑

Tea has theanine and caffeine that work together to help you feel more relaxed and focused. You can have up to 8 cups of unsweetened tea daily.

Whether it’s 60% work/40% life, or vice versa (40% work/60% life), you need to choose a work/life balance and maintain it.

Around 12pm Monday – this time on the second day of the work week is apparently the most stressful.

Take a healthy approach to office snacks by introducing fruits and snackable vegetables instead of biscuits or cakes. These healthy bites contain antioxidants and give a boost to the immune system, both of which help to tackle or reduce stress.

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