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A happy workforce is a productive one. Employees that feel positively supported and encouraged in their workplace will respond in kind, performing strongly and working with commitment and creativity.  Stimulating a sense of wellbeing among co-workers can be surprisingly simple, in fact, a cup of tea can be the perfect catalyst…

Tea & talk: Spending 10 minutes each morning and afternoon to make tea and have a friendly chat with your colleagues is a great way of creating an environment that feels relaxed and welcoming.

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A fresh perspective: Too much desk and screen time can leave staff feeling stiff, strained, tired and demotivated. Counter this by inviting employees to stretch their legs, wander over to the tea station and pop the kettle on. With brew in hand, advocate a few minutes sipping on their tea, exercising their joints and idly staring out the window – they’ll return to their desks feeling refreshed and refocused.

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Update your tea selection/station: Liven up your tea offering by giving employees a choice of different teas to try and give your pantry or tea station an update at the same time. Upgrade the space to showcase and store the tea selection easily and appealingly.  Suggest employees begin the day with a tasty, full-bodied black tea. This provides a gentle caffeine kick and an energy boost for the morning ahead. For afternoons, go with green tea, this will give everyone renewed focus and concentration.

Team activities: Underline your commitment to providing staff with a happier workplace by organising fun, engaging office activities. Start with a tea talk, it’ll give employees a chance to sample any new additions to the tea station and discover the health benefits of the different types of tea.


Check out this office favorite, Lipton Green Tea Lemon. Not only is it a good pick-me-up drink after lunch, but it will also refresh your breath with its mint flavor!