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Tips from chefs across the world on how to manage modern day commercial kitchens operations.

Simple, smart preparation can reduce stress, time and costs. Make your commercial kitchens operations easier by planning according to checklist below:


  • Economies of Scales:
    An effective work schedule for each week will calculate the optimum MEP production batches. It will also take shelf life and quality into account.
  • Must Have Dishes:
    Don’t waste time and skill creating menu essentials that may not be fully appreciated by guests? Convenience products can help to create these dishes consistently.
  • Mise en Place:
    Season the dishes/during the mise en place. This reduces the pressure on staff when the dishes are served, making it possible to serve the same number of guests with a smaller team. Distinguish between production and serving stages when developing the menu.
  • Cleaning Up:
    Who cleans what, and how often? Clearly indicate which cleaning jobs should be carried out by which team member. Use the table in this brochure to check if you are allocating tasks smartly.
  • Flexible Staffing:
    Help the team become flexible by making sure each member can work at every station. This makes the operation better equipped to cope with personnel changes. On slow days, implement a ‘job swap’ and ask the pastry chef to trade places with the grade-manager for the day.
  • Time and Motion:
    Allow the team to calculate the number of steps they make and see if improvements to the kitchen layout can be made. Consider the results annually and calculate how much time could be saved.
  • Second Opinions:
    Consider bringing in an independent consultant or chef to observe your kitchen at work. They can analyses your ways of working and come up with some fresh thinking.
  • Ask for Ideas:
    Create a suggestion box and ask the team for ideas related to efficiency. The member with the idea that saves or makes the most money can win a prize.