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Burgers & Sandwiches

Burger delivery

Challenge: Food turning cold during delivery 

One of the biggest problems with delivery is inappropriate packaging which includes food wrapped in paper getting cold. It turns greasy and gets squashed by the time it is delivered to the customer. You need the right packaging material that keeps food warm, crisp and appetising.

Solution: Use paper wrap with foil lining

  • Strong, foil-lined paper is perfect for protecting fast food items such as burgers, rolls, sandwiches and anything hot and greasy.
  • The foil lining keeps the heat locked in and stops grease from spilling.
  • This material stops food from getting soggy by controlling the moisture within.
  • Add an attractive design or branding of your restaurant to the packaging for a striking effect.
Soggy bun

Challenge: Burger buns turning soggy

By the time a burger is delivered to the customer, either the bun has turned soggy or it is too messy to eat.

Solution: Toast your buns lightly, then cool before adding other ingredients to make the burger. This makes them crisp and firm so it can hold the toppings and sauces better. It will also give extra texture and flavour.  


Fried food

Crispy Chicken

Challenge: Keeping fried food crispy

Fried food is full of moisture which makes it tasty. However, if it isn’t properly ventilated, which means allowing the air to circulate around it, the steam will make the crispy coating mushy and soft. 

Solution: Use cardboard boxes, paper bags with small holes in them, or Styrofoam containers with gaps at the sides to let the heat out and lined with paper to absorb the moisture. This will allow the steam to escape keeping the texture crisp and firm.

  • For extra crispiness on delivery, put the fried food on a wire rack to slightly cool before packing it in a container. This will prevent steam from forming as the moisture evaporates.
  • Provide careful instructions for the customer to reheat the food.