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Chef Paul Hage is Director of Culinary at Al Habtoor Group and oversees the running of 38 restaurants. So, when it comes to seamless service operations, he knows a thing or two…

Chef Paul Hage serves it up

Cook with passion

Always work from the heart. Give your guests what you want to eat. I tell my chefs: “Are you eating it the way you are preparing it? If not, throw it in the garbage and prepare it again.”

Chef Paul Hage serves it up

Use time-saving tricks

Part of the preparation is about quality and seasoning. Boiling down fresh bones to create a stock requires hours in the kitchen. Using Jus Sauce, Demi Glace or Beef Stock Powder gives freshness, a rich, authentic taste, and reduces working hours.

Chef Paul Hage serves it up

Learn from mistakes

Ten minutes before service for a big event, we found the salad we’d prepped in the freezer, instead of the chiller. It was frozen like rock. Fifteen minutes later, we had a new salad prepared. Accidents happen, how you deal with them is all about training and experience.

Chef Paul Hage serves it up

Maintain motivation

Working in the kitchen is tough. But when you teach a new technique, show a chef a trick, and share in learning how to use new equipment, this provides motivation. Always appreciate good work too; having an employee of the month is a good motivator.

Chef Paul Hage serves it up

Post-service post mortem

There’s no time in service to talk about minor mistakes. After service, shake hands, get coffee and talk about what happened during service.  Chat, take notes, learn and improve.

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