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  1. Filling:

    • Marinade the chicken pieces with Rafhan Corn Oil, Knorr Professional Chicken Stock Powder, chillis, Knorr Professional Lime Seasoning and white pepper for 1-3 hours.
    • Grill in a pan until brown then add in all the sauces.
    • Glaze the chicken with sauces and remove from heat.
    • Once cooled down to room temp. add in the grated cheese.
  2. Pastry:

    • Put the filling on one side of pastry and apply egg wash on sides to seal the edges and fold it into D shape.
    • Apply egg wash on top sprinkle parmesan and oregano and bake in a moderate oven on 180°C for 25 mins till puffed and golden. Serve hot with Knorr Professional Tomato Ketchup.