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Poached Chicken:


Coating and Frying:

  1. Poached Chicken:

    • Dissolve Knorr Professional Chicken Stock Powder in simmering water and poach chicken breast in stock for 10 minutes.
    • Remove and cool down. Then shred into smaller pieces.
  2. Cutlets:

    • Season the poached chicken and potatoes with Knorr Professional Chicken Stock Powder, spices, Knorr Professional Lime Seasoning, green chillies and herbs.
    • Divide the mix into 4 balls.
    • Make a cavity in each ball and squeeze the mayo inside and seal it properly to prevent spilling.
  3. Coating and Frying:

    • Coat them with beaten eggs and drench them in crumbs.
    • Deep fry in Rafhan Corn Oil till crisp and golden.
    • Serve hot with Knorr Professional Chilli Garlic Sauce and Knorr Professional Barbecue Sauce.