Loyalty points

COVID-19 has altered fine dining experience in restaurants as we know it. Keeping up with the changing times and the new government orders, it’s important to adhere to the SOPs recommended by the government for public safety. It’s also important for you to ensure that the table turnover at your restaurant remains high so that larger number of customers can be facilitated without causing them to wait. This will have a direct impact on the business and help incur higher profits.

Let’s have a look at ways you can increase table turnover at your restaurant.

Good Planning


Offer a simplified menu:  

This helps by not only cutting down guest’s decision making time but also makes preparation process for the dishes easier, efficiently managing time in the kitchen and helps the chefs focus on quality. Simple menu and fast cooking needs professional products like Knorr Professional Chicken Stock Powder and Knorr Italian Tomato Base.

Offer reservation facility to customers:

Avoid catering to incomplete parties and provide dining timeslots to your guests depending upon the nature of the food, an hour for fast food and two hours for casual dining. While taking reservations, emphasize on the need for punctuality and limited seating time.

Allow Preorder:  

Provide your guests with the option of ordering ahead while waiting or reserving. This will allow kitchen staff to pre-prep managing kitchen operations more efficiently and serve it food faster when the guests arrive.

Efficient Operations


Organize a buffet:

 Offering a buffet setup to your customers works in favor of both parties. While the customers can decide what they want, as the choices are laid out in front of them, this eliminates time wasted in taking orders as well as the time spent in making a decision regarding what to order. On the other end, it is easier to manage kitchen operations for the staff since every item is bought and prepared for the guests in abundance, hence economies of scale play a major part in preparation and serving process in restaurant kitchen. Check out Best Practices for Buffet here

Improve staff coordination:

Teamwork and good rapport amongst front and back staff ensure a smooth workflow; getting orders to the kitchen fast, clearing tables, seating guests, billing and more. Chefs have their unique ways of improving coordination. Case in point, Chef Qadeer who uses a walkie-talkie to get things going faster and smoother.