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Rich, creamy and addictive, this instant flavour boost works brilliantly with savoury sides and mains. Use it to pep up a sandwich or a wrap, slather it on burgers, or make it your secret weapon in dips and sauces. Maximise taste and efficiency with the recipes below!

Cheesy Pita Pockets

A pita pocket bursting with flavour – spicy, crisp-fried chicken and salad married together with a ready-to-go cheesy mayo. Find the recipe here

BBQ Chicken Pizza Fries

Chicken and chips just got a makeover. This decadent snack is everything delicious in one dish – definitely one for sharing. Find the recipe here.

Breaded Mushrooms with Cheesy Mayonnaise

Juicy button mushrooms in a crisp, herby breadcrumb coating, dunked in cheesy mayonnaise. A vegetarian sharing option that’ll satisfy the whole table. Find the recipe here.