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A well-planned menu is designed with items that complement each other and make the overall dining experience unforgettable.

In Ramadan, when iftar and dinner deals and set menus are all the rage, it would be smart to stand from the crowd and design a menu that is both unique and cohesive, while being profitable. There are several ways to figure out how to construct this menu.

A three-course meal must ensure a combination of multiple factors which include: flavors, nutritional value, local tastes and taste transitions from one course to the next.


An appetizer provides an elegant starting point to a three-course meal. It is served to raise diners’ anticipation for the main event.

Our Ghilafi Kebabs are an excellent choice of appetizer for your menu. This finger food, filled with mayonnaise, minced chicken and an assortment of healthy veggies, is a guaranteed hit with the diners; in fact, it will leave them asking for more. Not only is this recipe packed with flavors but it is also super cost-effective to put together. The estimated cost per serving for Ghilafi Kebabs is Rs86.56 and takes only 35 minutes to prepare.


The main dish is the climax of the diner’s experience. This dish is the heartiest and most complex in the journey of a three-course meal.

Our textured and delicious Darbari Malai Handi is a diner’s delight and will leave their hunger satisfied. Originating from Mughlai cuisine, this dish is not only a winner in taste but also in the level of nutrition that it contains for your diners. The estimated cost per serving of Darbari Malai Handi is Rs 97.65 and it takes half an hour to put together.


A sweet landing for diners’ palates is essential, and a great way to do that is with a Custard Kunafa. This beautifully crafted dessert is a treat for the taste buds as well as the eyes.

It is a traditional dessert that combines the flavors of vermicelli and sugar syrup that make it twice as delectable. The estimated cost per serving for this is Rs62.26 and prep time is 25 minutes. Adding desi ghee to the Custard Kunafa will also make it a healthier option. If not, you can add saffron to the sugar syrup which will produce an extremely satisfying aroma.


A three-course meal is incomplete if not accompanied by a perfectly concocted beverage. A Mojito Perfecto – as the name suggests - is the perfect partner for your main dish. It’s refreshing taste and cooling effect balance out heat of main dish and heightens the food experience.